5 Things that need to be in the 2020 Green Lantern movie

So I hope I don’t need to inform you about that catastrophe of a movie back in 2011. We won’t talk about that. Or count its existence. Moving on I feel like the new reboot of the green lantern has to be a box office killer.  Also green lantern has arguably some of the best juicy storylines in the DC universe. To tell you the truth this really should be the hardest movie to create as mostly all of it is based in space. That will also cost an arm and a leg. Literary give me your arms and legs. Anywho this is the top  5 things needed in the new green lantern movie:

  1. No CGI suit- This is just a must be in the new 2020 reboot I mean come on the 2011 version looked like plastic and showed no connection to the comic book version. They need to feed us something that will look similar to the first Hal Jordan costume in the secret origin story with the Green, white, and black.     
  2. Introduce more of the emotional spectrum- Will power is not enough for me sadly I really enjoying seeing the rivalry between all the other colours and emotions in the lantern storylines. Maybe introduce the red lanterns first and the war with the green lanterns as a warm into the story.   
  3. Skip the origin story- We have all seen Hal Jordan’s origin story now and we should be put in a flashback situation where it pulls out the main information of his origin and chops it up into smaller digestible pieces. So instead we want to be thrown into the action to grab our attention.
  4. Show the origin story’s of others- Atrocitus and how his home world got destroyed by the guardians, William Blackhand and how he became the embodiment for death itself! You catch the drift but this will help the inexperienced people understand.   
  5. Better special effects- No more everything looking like its cgi I want to see some awesome realistic graphics in there that makes me feel like I’m in the movie. I’m done with the way in the last movie everything looked glazed to be either really wet of really plastic.   

This is just some ideas that I think would make a good green lantern movie. Thanks for reading and follow for more of your daily geeky info!

    5 Things that need to be in the 2020 Green Lantern movie

    DareDevil Best Cosplay Materials

    Howdy guys

    So I’ve been doing some research on the Netflix series daredevil. Now my opinion on the show is I like it way better than the movie. I like the characters and I also like the combat scenes but I feel like they may just need to step up there storylines a tad. But keep it coming because I will still watch! 

    The question that matters though DAREDEVILES NEW COSTUME? And I absolutely think it’s awesome. The realism captured in his costume is more armoured than ever (I am of course talking about the new costume near the end of season one). 


    Ryan Meinerding the creator of the Crimson suit also pretty much the creator of the marvel universe has pulled another incredible costume off that isn’t quite movie quality but it’s better that way in my opinion it fits in with the more realistic  side of the TV show. 

    Now I did some digging and after finding nothing About the actual material used to make the costume I found a very similar look alike that actually probably is the material he was using to craft this masterpiece. So here are the materials I think would make a realistic and good quality daredevil suit:

    • Ballistic Nylon 

    This may be the ruff armoured material Ryan uses for the actual costume. This would be very realistic as it is waterproof tuff and textured. Only problem is you might need a powerful sewing machine to craft with it.   

    • Pads /gloves

    So you would need to buy some elbow pads or shin pads if you where going to do it but you would need to find a similar style which might be hard. You might also need paint to make it the colour you want. 


    • Foam board

    Okay do this is where you would make all the little straps little pieces also underneath his chest and abdominal area. You will definitely need to paint these to make it have a more texture effect.  


    • 3D printer

    Now this is the deal breaker and this brings the costume together do you need to pull this off. You can get 3D computerised models of the daredevil helmet send that off to be 3D printed or if you have your own use that. Then again use paint for finishing touches. 

     I know this is a high budget costume but it will look very close to the actual kickass daredevil suit! This is not a tutorial just some ideas that you can use and throw around with! Also this material looks the same material used in Deadpools Costume  in the new movie coming out in 2016. So again I think this material (Ballistic Nylon) the key to these detailed costumes. 

    DareDevil Best Cosplay Materials

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